Are You Truly Passionate about Traveling?

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passionate about travelingHow many of you are passionate about traveling? By passionate I mean real passionate! You want to ask what is real passionate? Can you leave your job and go on traveling without a fixed job, adjust to whatever accommodation and foods you get with whatever money you have in hand, but are happy because you could see the world? You might say who the hell would do that? But there are people who have adopted such an apparently strange lifestyle, which is fantastic at its core, when you look at it carefully. I recommend you to go through the story of these ten couples here and you will realize that you too can do it if you are “real passionate” about traveling!

Traveling makes us rich in experience and broad-minded. When we see different cultures and customs, we realize how respectful they are. There are many aspects of various cultures in the world, which are worth learning and adopting. If we are bound to our regular world, we are under the impression that only we are great. But when we travel around the world, we see many great things, interesting people and their customs, various languages, natural and manmade monuments, history, traditions, arts, and so many facets of life, and we come to know that there is a lot to see and learn in this world, and we come down to earth from our fool’s paradise of self-importance.

Reading about the world in books, magazines, newspapers or on internet is different than actually seeing and experiencing it and travel makes that difference. You get an enormous joy when you find sky-kissing mountains standing before you, flowery meadows spread under your feet, roaring blue waves of oceans heading towards you while you walk on the silky glittery sands, shining faces smiling and greeting you, and huge castles, strong and beautifully structured bridges over gushing rivers, towers of incredible heights, fantastic paintings, sculptures and numerous other art pieces in museums, and innumerable other manmade wonders telling their tales! You get a chance to taste unbelievably superb flavors. And what not! You get uncountable wonderful experiences.

Traveling makes you rich – rich with experiences, rich with a broad outlook, rich with boundlessness! You need not be afraid of your boss or care for your fussy neighbors. You are totally on your own. Get inspired from the wonderful stories of Anthony and Elise, Caz and Craig, Wilson and Rachel, Simon and Erin and six other couples, who dared to broke the narrow boundaries of routine life and embarked upon an incredible journey. Who knows, one day you and I too can do it! Travel_Infographic_Couples_Who_Quit_the_Job_Rat_Race

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