Great App for Having Audio Tour Guide with Actual Traveling Tips

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using on phoneWhat do you expect from a tour? Enjoyment, knowledge, interaction with people, tasting local flavors, adventure, excitement – there can be a number of factors that motivate you for traveling. But what if you go to a particular place where everything is unknown to you, and unfortunately you face a bad experience, like not finding tourist spots, problems in finding accommodation, transportation options, or any other problem? Won’t you be disgusted with the entire experience and get a bad impression about the place? A guy named Arturo Gentili also thought somewhat on the same line when an outstanding concept came to his mind of an app for android and iOS and he named it as WikiTourApp.

What is WikiTourApp?

WikiTourApp is an app that can be downloaded for android or iOS and you can get lots of traveling tips from it. I know you will say that there are lots of such apps; but have you noticed that if these apps are free, they are not created by a genuine traveler neither do they contain real traveling tips. They are all copied from websites like Wikipedia or Wikitravel. There are good apps that give actual information but they are all paid. Specialty of WikiTourApp is it is a genuine self guided tour app that gives you real traveling tips, but is absolutely free!

wikitour audio tour guide

A Great Platform for Travel-lovers

Arturo Gentili has also created a great platform for travel-lovers, named where travelers can share their experiences and knowledge they had from various places in the world, which will then be useful for other travelers. By adding these experiences, you can make the tour guides more and more useful.


As Wikipedia guides us in a number of aspects of life, WikiTourApp and MyWikiTour have been created to guide us but for traveling, and so, they are named so.

How Does it Work?

You can download the Audio Tour Guide any time you want and on any phone. It runs super smoothly with any operating system. You can create just 1 online Audio Tour Guide and it can be downloaded without the WikiTourApp on any phone.

Working Offline Free: No 3G connection is needed for working of WikiTourApp. Through this app, you get full access to Google Maps, although you may be offline, and various other cool features.

tourapp 6 - google map

Multilingual: You face no language barrier in understanding your Audio Tour Guide, because it is available in any language you want, including English, Chinese, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian and Swahili.

tourapp 2

Write Reviews: You can write reviews of destinations, hotels, or any other travel elements you experienced, on WikiTourApp. It offers you various features and ease of writing with easy upload of text, images, audio and more.

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tourapp 3

Download or Create Your Own: You can either download any of the hundreds of Audio Tour Guides present on WikiTourApp or can create your own audio tour guide to make your tour easy and enjoyable.

tourapp 4

No Hidden Costs: WikiTourApp is free to download. You can also use one of the tour guides or create your own for free. There are no hidden costs coming afterwards.

Who Can Use WikiTourApp and MyWikiTour? The app and the platform have two types of users – ones who create audio tour guides and others who use those guides. Both WikiTourApp and MyWikiTour can be used by a number of people.

  • They can be used by any organization or business who is in need of a virtual audio tour guide for their clients. Examples of such organizations are museums, art galleries, bike rentals, travel agencies, universities and more.
  • They can also be used by organizations whose goal is to promote a place. Examples of such organizations are NGOs, Mayor’s office, local firms working for tourism of a place, and many more.
  • They can be used by any traveling person who can create her/his own audio tour guide. For example a school teacher can create such an app for her/his students to help them in a field tour, traveling groups, sales managers for their vendors, and so many.
  • And of course, they can be used by any travel-lover who wants to share her/his traveling experiences with the world for travel-lovers like her/him.

Watch this video:

Ease of Use WikiTourApp and MyWikiTour are super easy to use. You can create your own audio tour guide on the internet within just a few minutes. You need no special skill. You just have to add audio, images, text and video, and you have done a good job of creating an audio tour guide for anyone and everyone who has a cell phone.

tourapp 7 - point-me-there

Win-win Situation Both WikiTourApp and MyWikiTour offer a win-win situation for web users as well as phone users. Web users get a method of enhancing their knowledge, reaching new clients for their organizations or businesses, and adding new products absolutely for free. Phone users can get access to enormous amount of free information, thus tourism is made safe, efficient and more enjoyable than ever.

win-win situation

Earn Extra Income Will you like to make some extra income? Why won’t you? You can make it through WikiTourApp and MyWikiTour. How? Create a tour, sell for your desired price and make money! Visit the Indiegogo project of Arturo Gentili for more information.

tourapp 5

You Can Help

The project needs your help for making 50 professional audio tour guides for the most prominent places in the world. Funding is also needed to make the app and platform more user-friendly. Advertisements are also required to be done so that everyone knows that this awesome app is free. Funding will also be used for enabling anyone to create an audio guided tour with no initial fee, so that they can make money from it. Only some percentage of the sale will go to the site owner.

Your help can be in form of:

  • Creating your own audio guided tour
  • Make voice over for free for the tours
  • Improving the already existing tours
  • Share the available tours in your social networks
  • Share them with anyone who you think will best use them
  • Beta test the app to report any bug

So, take advantage of the amazing app called WikiTourApp and enjoy your vacations and also help others to enjoy theirs! wikitour app on iphone

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