Packing Organizers – A Way to a Truly Fun Traveling Experience

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packing organizersAs the coronavirus lockdown is slowly being relieved, people have started making plans for traveling. What might be one of the most stressful parts of traveling is your luggage. It’s heavy, it’s bulky, it’s exhausting and it always carries the risk of being lost! But if you’ve still not understood it correctly, there’s a piece of knowledge for you – it’s more important how you pack than what you pack. It may make a lot of difference to the bulkiness and exhaustiveness of your luggage. Therefore most travelers agree that using packing organizers is the best way to stay organized and save space.

Why to Use Packing Organizers?

Packing organizers could be simple zip-lock bags or bigger-sized compression bags or packing cubes. They have quite a few advantages, such as:

More Efficient Packing: Since you know what fits each cube perfectly and so, how to use each cube for packing particular items, you can pack more efficiently.

Ease in Finding Things: Since cubes enable you to compartmentalize your items, you know better what is where, and don’t have to dig out your entire luggage in search of what you want.

Saving Space: Compression bags and packing cubes offer you a surprising ability to squeeze in your items, thus offering you an ability to pack more, yet saving space.

Water Resistance and Dirt Resistance: Most packing organizers are water and dirt resistant and thus keep your items dry and clean.

Saving Space

Compression Bags

Compression bags are sealable plastic bags with one-way pressure valves i.e. they let air out but not in. Because of removal of excess air, your clothes are compressed and space is saved.

Compression bags serve especially well for packing bulky items like sweaters and fleeces, and hence they are particularly useful for traveling to cold regions.

Since these bags are airtight, your clothes inside them will remain dry and clean, in case you are caught in a storm, heavy rain or snowfall.

How to Use Compression Bags?

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It’s easy to use compression bags. You just need to fold your clothes, lay them flat in the bag, seal the zip-lock top, then roll the bag and squeeze out all the air. It’s best to do all this on the floor and lastly kneel on the bag to squeeze out as much air as you can with your body weight.

While buying a compression bag, make sure you can remove the air by rolling it rather than with a vacuum pump. Also, make sure it’s durable enough and won’t tear easily.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are zippered packing organizers, usually rectangular shaped and come in various sizes. They come often in sets. Unlike compression bags, packing cubes can accommodate all types of travel gear and not only clothes. Thus, you can not only pack your clothes but also foods, games, accessories, electronic items, etc. in packing cubes. You can buy one large packing cube to pack all the items or multiple small cubes, each for packing a different type of items.

packs not only clothes but everything else

How to Choose Packing Cubes?

While choosing packing cubes, you should first make sure they are durable enough. Their material should be strong and zips should be high-quality so that you can stuff them as much as you can without breaking them.

You can choose the size as per your personal preference and depending upon what you want to pack and how you want to organize your items.

Many packing cubes have a mesh top for breathability and to enable you to see what’s inside. You may find this unnecessary if you know what’s there in your cubes.

For families, choosing cubes of different colors is useful so that each family member can have a different colored cube.

ensure durability

Choosing compression bags and packing cubes for your travel makes your life easy and frees your luggage from being a burden. They will save your time and money and will protect you from stress, and will let you truly enjoy your travel.

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