What are the benefits of traveling and it impacts on life?

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benefits of travelingOld people say, if you want to become a source of wisdom and counsel for others, you need to travel a lot. It is a rich saying, and I will back this fact on any platform, on any day. Traveling make a person perfect, responsible, and joyful. There are some lessons that can be learned only by traveling. It is a vital part of one’s life, and my advice for today is to travel more in your life.

By traveling, it doesn’t mean taking vacations and going on trips. What I actually mean by traveling is making the journey to someplace you have never gone before with an open list. Traveling is a delightful experience in multiple ways. It helps us capture the sense and desire to travel, to experience new cultures, to discover new taste buds by eating new food, and meeting new people. Every person travels to somewhere at a certain period in their life. But not all traveler is an explorer; to become one, you need to inspire yourself and extract the real meaning of traveling. Back in the time when people used to travel; it took days and months to reach from one country to another. Some even die on the way. But they still used to travel because they know the importance of it. Today, traveling has become so easy and cheap. You have the luxury of airplanes, trains, and cars; which have killed all the sport in it. Airplane tickets used to be so expensive; but today with the help of the internet, you can compare cheap flights to your destination and save your money.

History is full of warriors, philosophers, kings, craftsmen, and people who used to travel a lot. Although their purpose was different, they came across new ideas to make their respective jobs much easier. Traveling makes a person wiser and by traveling, one takes a journey into themselves. It is just like an investment into yourself without realizing its importance. When exposed to new cultures, it will tell you how generous you are to yourself by mingling with new people, eating food with them, and adopting their lifestyle just for a change. It will bring the best in you and helps you to rediscover your original passion, gifts, and interests. It will help you identify where you truly belong and what are your hidden qualities that make you a better person.

If you think you are stuck somewhere in life, or the career you have chosen is not for you, you should take a break and do some traveling. It may help you discover a new sense and purpose of life. Traveling can also make you improve your standard and quality of living. If you visit a better country, you can take the inspiration from good things there and implement on your own. It can also make you love your home even more by getting you to appreciate what you have.

Also, the more you will travel, the more you will understand that your home is more than your city or country. You adopt the best things of different cultures and become a citizen of the world. You will also think pleasantly and speak goodwill of people. I will share a quote of Great Saint Augustine on traveling:

“The world is a book, & those who don’t travel read only one page”.

The more you travel, the more wisdom you acquire and more you know about things. Sometimes, we kept assumptions about certain places on Earth that how different they are or even a negative impression. But once we visit that place, our impression disappears and it turns out to be the outcome of some foolish talks. Traveling reveals the truth about a certain place and dissolves myths that have appeared due to prejudice, narrow-mindedness, and racism. Only traveling can make help you in learning that all human beings share similar needs, which also helps in the union of mankind.

Due to the distances between humanity, we have disconnected ourselves by simply ignoring others. If we talk about wars and conflicts, it is generally due to the hate developed by gaps in the society. When traveling between two countries, which share a conflict, increases; it not only helps the locals share their perspectives, it also helps them to bond over the similarities they have. Thus working on the unity and ultimately, world peace.

This state of mindfulness is a leap in perception. Traveling helps people encompass a world-centric view of awareness, and when everyone is aware of the importance of our similarities, we will forget our differences and move towards global peace.

You can attend a thousand classes or sessions on how to control your emotions, anger, and feelings; especially in a situation that takes a toll on you. These problems develop in your comfort zone, and travelers believe that life truly begins at the end of it. Being impractical can never help you solve your problems. You can only solve them by becoming mature and concrete. But you can only become practical when you are traveling in a place strange to you and ran into a situation. Your level of tolerance is enhanced only by traveling and to tackle any problem, you need to remain calm.

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